by Antony Martin

The Comic
"Robot the Pirate is a light-hearted adventure that follows the efforts of a robot built with just one purpose; to be a pirate."

RTP has been my webcomic project since 2009.
It updates every week and a half, alternating between Sunday and Wednesday updates, or every 10.5 days.
It's a confusing schedule even for me so if you want to follow the comic I'd advise checking out the
Facebook page which I always keep up to date. Hopefully it'll advance to a weekly schedule in the future.

At this early stage in the story there's not too much I can say about the comic that isn't better shown
just by reading the archive so far. It doesn't take too long so head over to the first page and check it out.


The Author
Antony Martin (Smith) was born in Cheshire, England in 1987. He currently lives in Staffordshire with
his wife Laura and works as a Healthcare Assistant in a local(ish) hospital. Robot The Pirate is his
second webcomic project but the first isn't really worth mentioning. In the near future he hopes
to study to become a qualified nurse and make RTP a weekly update.

Robot the Pirate is hosted on ComicGenesis, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.